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Feedback - Helen & Alan - May 2016

Name of customers: Helen Balliston & Alan King

No of persons fishing: 2

Brief details of your catches: Cell, Pineapple, Krill, Maize mainly. Maize and pineapple pop up bollie, ‘Sticky’ krill 2.3ml, 4ml and 22 and 18ml bollies and we chopped the bollies up into PVA bag and caste out with a bait boat.

What did you find the best tactics / bait? Just watched around the lake, watching for swills and walking around to see where we can cast too using Robins tips and our opinions

Were the facilities what you expected ? No they are better

Were you happy with us? Yes absolutely

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yes 100%

General comments Linda & Robin made us feel at home and they are nice friendly people. We would deffinatly recommend people to come here and we would come here again, possibly next year sometime. From Caen to Les Burons their were no toll charges “BONUS”:-)

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