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Feedback ~ Alan & Jack King & Helen Balliston ~ 19/08-01/09 2017

Name of customers:

Alan & Jack King & Helen Balliston

No of persons fishing:


Brief details of your catches:

60 carp between 20lb to 46lb - Mirrors and commons

What did you find the best tactics / bait?

Carp pellets, cell boilies and MJ boilies (Les Burons own boilies)

Were the facilities what you expected?

Yes, especially good by Lyn!!! who cooked wonderful meals, as Robin just took the mick all the time, but we had a laugh with him! Both gave us great and wonderful service.

Were you happy with us?

Absolutely, as we just keep coming back for more punishment, and the great meals that are served to us.

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?

100%, more if I could. The expectations are amazing at Les Burons.

General comments

We are made welcome here and we enjoy coming back for the fun and social companionship that is provided by Lyn xxx and Rob xxx

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