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Feedback ~ The Kings ~ 17th - 31st August 2019

Name of customers:

The Kings

Date of holiday:

17th-31st August 2019

No of persons fishing:


Brief details of your catches:

Grass carp 33.5lbs. 14 carp up to 34lbs.

What did you find the best tactics / bait?   

Boilies, pellets, pidgeon feed, maize both supplied by Rob.

Were the facilities what you expected?

For us 3 regulars yes, we are very happy and comfortable, but for our other family guests they was so happy but they don’t fish.

Were you happy with us?

Absolutely. Rob is such a great entertainer and the food is amazing and he is just so happy to help when we need more bait.

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?  


General comments:

Rob is very welcoming to us and it is a pleasure to be in his company. I love his banter and he can always take it back – such a rarity to have so much fun whilst on holiday.

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