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Feedback ~ Paul, Tony, Mark P & Mark O ~ 7th-14th Sept 2019

Name of customers:

Paul, Tony, Mark P & Mark O

Date of holiday:

7th – 14th September 2019

No of persons fishing:


Brief details of your catches:

22 fish caught between 4 people between 10lb and 36lbs.

What did you find the best tactics / bait?   

Nothing stood out, fish were off the food this week and every method of trying to catch them was as good or bad as the next.

Were the facilities what you expected?

We couldn’t find anywhere what the facilities were but yes, nice to have the cabins in the swims even if they were a little tied.

Useful information:

  • There are 4 log cabins, one in each swim.

  • Each cabin has a bed chair in it for sleeping on and a light inside and outside.

  • All have 2 x UK power sockets and a heater.

  • Electric has to be paid for, this is done by feeding an electric meter with £1 coins (not Euros) the meter is in Peg 1’s cabin and feeds electric to all other pegs.

  • Peg 1 has a bait freezer for everyone to use.

Hope this helps you prep for your visit.

Were you happy with us?

Yes, overall the lake and the facilities were good.

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?  

Yes, thanks to the Les Burons team for a great stay. Rob is a great character and made us feel welcome.

General comments:

Nice lake with plenty of features to fish to, plenty of shelter from the elements. We had extremely high pressure from storm Dorian, we feel this contributed to a hard week’s fishing. 60% of our week’s catch was caught in the one day we had low pressure and rain.

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