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Feedback ~ Alan, Helen & Jack King ~ 8th-15th April 2017

Name of customers: Alan, Helen & Jack - The King Family No of persons fishing: 2 adults, 1 child Brief details of your catches: It was hot in the day, but cold at night - Day 24 - 16°C Night 16 - 8°C What did you find the best tactics / bait? Cell boilies with toppers, maize and pigeon feed Were the facilities what you expected? Yes, well above my expectations Were you happy with us? 10 out of 10, the best people you could ever meet. They are very special people to our hearts. Would you recommend the venue to a friend? No, because we want all the weeks to ourselves! General comments Just a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and they treat us like family. The people we have met are also lovely, and it has made us want to buy a place near here to be in such lovely company.

Carp Fishing in France | Les Burons

Alan & Jack Enjoying the Fishing | Les Burons Carp Fishery

Beautiful Fishing at Les Burons | Carp Fishing in France

Helen King April 2017 | Carp Fishing at Les Burons

Great Carp Fishing at L:es Burons | North France Fishery

Stunning Carp at Les Burons | North France Fishing Holidays

Carp Fishing for all the Family | Les Burons

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