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Feedback - John Tranter & Amy Johnson - March 2017

Name of customers: John Tranter and Amy Johnson No of persons fishing: 2 adults Brief details of your catches: 13 fish: 20lb - 10 30+lb - 2 and a 40lb What did you find the best tactics / bait? Sweetcorn, hemp and chopped boilies Were the facilities what you expected? Yes and more Were you happy with us? Fantastic family, very friendly and welcoming. Couldn't do enough for you. Would you recommend the venue to a friend? All Day! General comments Fantastic hosts, great food. Had a fantastic week, great laugh with Robin and Lynne, Can't wait to return!

John Carp Fishing in France | Les Burons

Amy Carp Fishing in France | Les Burons

Beautiful Carp Fishing | Les Burons France

Carp Fish | Tranquil Carp Fishing at Les Burons

Huge Carp Fish | Fishing in France at Les Burons

Carp Fishing in France | Record-Breaking Fishing

Night Fishing in March 2017 | Les Burons


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