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The boilies sold on site are of a high quality and kept frozen for ultimate freshness, they come in 3 flavours; twisted tuna, cranberry & black caviar and creamy vanilla. They are €45 for 5kg. 


The pellets sold here are also of a high quality made from only organic ingredients and packed full of protein. we sell the pellets in 5kg buckets for €15 or a sack of 25kg for €65 if your whole party wants to share for slight discount. 


The particle we sell is locally sourced and cooked on site, anglers can choose from a 10 litre bucket of mixed particle for €25 or a 10 litre bucket of maize for €20. 


As well as this, we at Étang Les Burons provide a bait package which consists of; 5kg of your choice of boilie, 10 litre bucket of your choice of particle and 5kg of pellets for €70.

If when booking any of your party decides to have bait from the options above, you can have it prepared and ready for you upon arrival by simply filling in the bait form that comes in your booking pack (the booking pack you will receive shortly after booking with us) . You can also ask for any of the bait options during your holiday if you run out of bait. However particle must be requested a day in advanced so we have enough time to prepare and cook it properly for the safety of our fish.

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