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The Swims

There are 5 swims here at Etang Les Burons, Tree Tops, The Monk, and then swims 3 - 5 (We are naming the swims as we are building/revamping them). There is cabins with Lights, power and English plug sockets in every swim except Tree Tops. Eventually we will build a lean-to type shelter in this swim with electricity as well as Upgrading all the other cabins to match the standard of the cabin in The Monk.

Tree Tops

Tree Tops is the first swim you will see upon arriving at Etang Les Burons as it is situated opposite the car park. Although this swim doesn’t command a lot of water, it can be an absolutely devastating swim. This is because when there is a lot of angling pressure on the main body of the lake, the carp sit behind the island where it is inaccessible from any of the other swims.

The Monk

The Monk swim (A monk is a contraption that allows us to drain/fill the lake with ease), is the first swim on the main bank and also the first swim we revamped. The cabin was changed for a bigger taller cabin so you have more space for your gear, more head room and a taller door. In the cabin there is multiple English and USB plug sockets, so you are able to charge phone, bait boat batteries and any other accessories. Finally there are 2 light switches to control the led lights in and outside the cabin.

Swims 3 - 5

Swims 3 - 5 all have the old style cabins, this means they still have electricity and lighting but are not as spacious or luxurious as the new one. These will be upgraded to match the standard of the other cabin as soon as we get the chance to, however, we unfortunately are constantly fighting with time.

The Facilities

The facilities here at Etang Les Burons consist of a shower block, with an English style flushing toilet, sink and hot water shower with both a normal and a monsoon head. Next to this there will be a temporary marquee where you and your party can sit, relax and even eat together if you so wish. Looking long-term we will build an anglers shelter in place of the marquee where there will be catch reports, pictures of record fish and a fridge/freezer.

There is a designated parking area on site with ample room so you don't have to worry about the safety of your vehicles. There is also two barrows situated in the car park so you and your party can transport all of your gear with relative ease and quickness. 


We are also located within 13 minutes of a supermarket where you will be able to get all of your supplies. Additionally, there is also a few local bars and kebab/burger shops where you can go and have a drink or get some food. 

Shower & Toilet Facilities
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