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The WildLife

Here at Etang Les Burons there is plenty of wildlife that live in the surroundings from kingfishers to deer, however we have some other animals that permanently live on site. These being the goats, sheep, chicken, turkeys, ducks and geese. We would like to remind you that Etang Les Burons is their home so please respect them accordingly.

The Goats & Sheep

There are 3 goats and 3 sheep that live on site, the two pygmy goats are called Rum & Raisin and Levi is the Alpine goat. The Suffolk ram is called Buddy and the two Cameroonians are Cody & Miller. Their jobs here at Etang Les Burons is 24/7 grass cutting but they are all sure to put a smile on your face with their funny personalities as well as the antics they get up to. However, rest assured that they will not bother you during your holiday as they live on the opposite side of the lake and there are fences in situ so they can roam free without being able to bother any anglers. This being said we can assure you they are extremely friendly and if you so wish (with permission) you can interact with them i.e stroking them, feeding them.

The Chickens & Turkeys

Here at Etang Les Burons we have some free range chickens and turkeys roaming on site to provide us fresh eggs daily. They live on the opposite side of the lake as to not bother any anglers but this being said are friendly, inquisitive and are sure to make you smile.

The Ducks

We have 3 ducks that live on site here at Etang Les Burons who are the best of friends, they're Daphy (a white muscovite), Fred (a male Indian runner duck), and Flo (a female Indian runner duck). They are all extremely friendly and wont bother any anglers by diving on your baits because they are fed by us on site. Additionally we hatched and hand raised some eggs from our original ducks to gain 4 more ducks that live in a pen called Sydney, Ellie, Rosie and Franky. These ducks are also extremely friendly and provide us with fresh duck eggs, they also adore garden peas which you can feed them if you're interested.

The Geese

The group of geese known as Gerry and his clan are the bullies of Etang Les Burons but although he acts hard he is actually just a big softie. They typically keep themselves to themselves and wont dive on your baits either because they are also fed by us on site.

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