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The Lake Rules

Following our rules combined with some common sense will maximise your carp fishing holiday with us. These rules are put in place for the safety of you as our guests and the well being of our carp. Anyone breaking these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.


General Rules:


  • No arrival before 2pm on the day of arrival

  • On day of departure all anglers should be out of their swims and ready to depart by 10am 

  • Make sure all facilities are respected and cleaned after use

  • All swims to be kept clean and tidy, rubbish is to be put in the dedicated bins provided (green bin for recycling and yellow bin for all other rubbish)

  • No cigarettes to be thrown or left anywhere around the fishery or in your swims.

  • No swimming is permitted 

  • No dogs are allowed 

  • No fires or barbecues and music to be kept at a respectable level

  • Unsociable behaviour, abuse of alcohol and or drugs will not be tolerated and in doing such will result in you being asked to leave without refund

  • Bait Boats are allowed 

  • Please call a member of the fishery management to assist with any snagged fish or snagged line (we would prefer this please do not pull for a break)

  • Main Gate of the fishery must remain closed at all times (if you leave please close it behind you)

  • Please respect all out of bounds areas as well as animals and bird life around the fishery (these are our pets)


Rig Rules:


  • Barbless or crushed micro barbed hooks only (micro barb must be crushed completely flat to the shank)

  • All lead systems must be able to eject the lead 

  • No leadcore allowed (rig tubing or safezone/dark matter leaders only)

  • No Bent Hook Patterns or 360 rigs allowed (Spinner rigs/Ronnie rigs allowed when used in conjunction with a dedicated spinner swivel)

  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler (noddy rod/float rod for silvers is allowed)

  • Minimum 15Ib breaking strain main line

  • No braided mainline (except for spod or marker rods)

  • Do not leave rods unattended 

Fish Care:


  • Carp care is paramount

  • Fish should not be out of the water for any longer than is absolutely necessary, therefore please prepare all equipment needed prior to taking the fish from the water

  • Whilst picture taking, please do not stand up with the fish

  • All anglers nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided by the fishery

  • All anglers must use the carp care kits provided by the fishery and on any damage and or hook holds

  • Retaining and sacking of fish is not allowed

  • Quick links must be undone or hook lengths must be cut before removing the fish from the water (please don’t lift the fish and your rod at the same time)

  • Fish must be transferred from the net into the weigh sling in the water prior to its removal


Bait Rules:


  • No nuts of any kind are permitted on the fishery

  • No particle allowed allowed unless purchased from the fishery 

  • No maize allowed unless purchased from the fishery

  • Pellets must be of good quality and used in moderation 

  • No shelf life boils allowed 

  • Zig foam and zig rigs are allowed 

  • No goo allowed (pre glugged baits are acceptable)

  • At the end of the session please do not dump any of your bait into the lake, any unwanted bait just leave in your swim and we will dispose of it accordingly.

If you have any questions about the rules above please dont hesitate to ask: 

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