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Etang Les Burons is a 5 acre lake which is naturally stream fed and has been here since 1938. The Lake has many features consisting of two picturesque islands, an inlet from the stream, a monk and more.

The depth of the lake varies from the shallows where the carp love to sun bathe being 2 - 3 foot, to the old river bed that used to run through the lake that gets to 10 - 12 foot.

The lake bed also varies immensely from silt to gravel and even sandy spots, however carp can be caught from all of the spots above, so long as you use a suitable rig that presents itself properly. 


The stock:

There is a plethora of species in Etang Les Burons including but not limited to; carp, grass carp, tench, pike, zander, roach and perch. The reason for this is so we can have a fully self sufficient habitat where all of our fish get what they need to live healthily. This being said we will net the lake every 3 years to ensure their safety and remove any nuisance fish, due to this there are no bream, crayfish or poisson-chat in Etang Les Burons.

The carp in Etang Les Burons go up to 50Ib+ and come in all shapes and sizes. There is mirrors, commons, leathers and grass carp that are all unique in there own way. 


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